LaSalle County Highway Committee

Highway Committee

Charles Borchsenius, Chairman

Committee Members

Walter Roach, Jerry Hicks, Elmer Walter, Robert Lee, Ronald Blue, Joe Witczak

Unless otherwise posted all Highway Committee meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month at 9:00 A.M. The Highway Committee meets at the LaSalle County Highway Department, 1400 N. 27th Road, Ottawa, Illinois.

Duties of the Highway Committee

(a) The Committee investigates and recommends actions on all Road and Bridge matters of interest to the Board not on the County Highway System.

(b) The committee recommends action on all petitions for aid from the County Bridge Fund.

(c) The Committee acts for the Board in the letting of contracts for Township Motor Fuel Tax projects.

(d) The Committee prepares and recommends a County Bridge Fund budget and appropriation.

(e) The Committee acts for the Board in the completion of all projects authorized by the Board in the County Bridge Fund budget and appropriation.

(f) The Committee shall examine and present the annual Township Road & Bridge levy to the Board for approval.

(g) That the Bridge & Township Roads Committee of the LaSalle County Board henceforth adopts the policy that prospectively should any contractor engaging in Township Road & Bridge projects in LaSalle County be removed from a contract for non-performance of the same said contractor will thereafter be disqualified for one (1) year from bidding on any Township Road & Bridge project in LaSalle County. The Bridge & Township Committee is authorized to determine said disqualifications.

Said Committee shall be authorized and empowered to:

(h) Investigate and report on all matters concerning highways or the operation of the Highway Department.

(i) Furnish general supervision of the actions of the County Engineer.

(j) Prepare and recommend a long range and one year plan for improvement of the County Highway System.

(k) Let contracts for labor, materials, and machinery required to complete the items of work contained in the annual budget and purchase Rights-of-Way for same.

(l) Supervise the expenditure of all County Highway Funds except the Special Bridge Fund.

(m) Dispose by trade in or public sale used vehicles and equipment.