LaSalle County Highway Committee

Highway Committee

Walter Roach, Chair

Committee Members

Ronald Blue, Ray Gatza, Stephen Aubry, William J. Brown, Jr., LouAnne Carretto, Gelinda Heller

Unless otherwise posted all Highway Committee meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month at 9:00 A.M. The Highway Committee meets at the LaSalle County Highway Department, 1400 N. 27th Road, Ottawa, Illinois.

Duties of the Highway Committee

(a) Investigate, report and act on all matters concerning county highways including the repair, maintenance, and improvements thereto;

(b) Purchase and acquire all land by condemnation or otherwise for the construction and improvement of county highways;

(c) Let and award contracts and approve purchases for labor, materials and machinery needed for the construction and maintenance of county highways;

(d) Furnish general supervision of the actions of the County Engineer and operation of the Highway Department;

(e) Let and award contracts and approve purchases for the construction and maintenance of buildings needed for the housing and repair of road equipment;

(f) Approve purchases for supplies and equipment for the office of the County Engineer;

(g) Dispose of excess or used vehicles and equipment through the auction process to realize maximum benefits to the county or by trade in the bidding process;

(h) Prepare and recommend a long range and one year plan for improvements on the County Highway System;

(i) Prepare and recommend budgets and appropriations for the County Highway Fund, Special Tax Matching Fund, County Bridge Fund and County Motor Fuel Tax Fund; and supervise and approve the expenditure of all said funds;

(j) Recommend action on all petitions for aid from the County Bridge Fund;

(k) Act for the County Board in all matters relating to letting contracts for and expenditure of Township Motor Fuel Tax Funds and Township Bridge Funds;

(l) Concur in the award of Federal Aid projects and make recommendations on the expenditure of said funds;

(m) Investigate and recommend actions on all road and bridge matters in other jurisdictions that may be of interest to the County Board;

(n) Maintain a list of approved contractors meeting the requirements of LaSalle County’s “Resolution Defining Responsible Bidder” and to hear and adjudicate protests filed under this resolution; and to disqualify contractors not in compliance with said resolution or for reasons of unsatisfactory performance for a period not to exceed one year.

(o) The Highway Department’s regular hours as approved by the Highway Committee and in accordance with the union contract are weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.