LaSalle County Drainage Tile Policy

Drainage Tile Policy

The following is the policy of the LaSalle County Highway Department regarding field drainage tiles within highway right-of-way. LaSalle County is not obligated to repair and/or replace field drainage tile in the right-of-way unless one of the following conditions apply:

  1. There is a statutory requirement for maintenance of the field drainage tile in question.
  2. There is an existing written agreement, in which LaSalle County is obligated to maintain the field drainage tile.
  3. The drainage tile was originally installed by LaSalle County for highway drainage purposes.

New and replacement tile crossings on county highways are to be bored across the roadway for the entire width of the right-of-way at the expense of the owner as with other utility crossings. We will not maintain or repair any tile not used for highway drainage and strongly encourage moving tiles out of the right-of-way that are of no value for highway drainage. Road crossings will be in accordance with the attached Road Boring Permit.

On culvert replacement projects we will make an attempt to eliminate tile inlets in the ditch by moving them to behind the right-of-way line (usually there is a waterway at these locations where they can be placed). Tile outlets on the upstream side of the culvert with a corresponding inlet on the downstream side should be piped across the road using solid heavy duty (SDR 26 or greater) PVC pipe in order to eliminate future maintenance concerns such as plugging of tiles. We should attempt to separate surface drainage handling storm runoff from subsurface drainage systems at these locations. Owners can add tile inlets in low areas of their fields (outside of the right-of-way) as they deem appropriate at their own expense. Download Drainage Tile PDF