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LaSalle County Highway Department Permits

Permits on County Highways are reviewed by the staff and approved by the County Highway Committee. Permits on Township Roads are reviewed by the staff and approved by the Township Highway Commissioner. All permit forms must be accompanied by detailed plans for the work.

Utility Permits
All utility work within the right-of-way on a County Highway or Township Highway requires a permit through the LaSalle County Highway Department. Utility Permit Questions? Contact: Mike Buiting (815) 434-0743
Download County Utility Construction Permit
Download Township Utility Construction Permit

Access to County Highways Permit
The intent of this ordinance is to provide and manage access to land development, while preserving the regional flow of traffic in terms of safety, capacity and speed. Major thoroughfares, including routes on the County Highway System and other proposed facilities on the local system, serve as the primary network for moving people and goods.
Download Highway Access Regulation Ordinance
Download Application for Access Permit
Download Map of Highway Access Classifications

Oversized/Overweight Permit
A LaSalle County Highway permit is required when a vehicle or load that exceeds legal sizes and weights is to be moved on or across a highway for which LaSalle County Highway is responsible.
Download Oversized/Overweight Permit Procedures
Download Oversized/Overweight Fee Categories
Download Oversized/Overweight Permit
Download Oversized/Overweight Map of Weight Limits and Weight Limited Structures

Limited Continuous Operation Permit
For limited operation of legal weight, oversize construction equipment, and other loads including stackable items and excluding manufactured housing/ storage buildings and trusses.
Download Permit for Continuous Limited Operation

Road Boring Permit
Approval of road boring permit is given when the conditions of the permit are met.
Download Road Boring Permit

Special Events Permit

The purpose of these regulations is to establish policies and procedures for accommodating special events in the right-of-way of the County Highway System.  These regulations apply to all special events in highway right-of-way in which the County has interest.

Download Special Events Policy

Download Special Events Permit Application



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