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LaSalle County Facts
LaSalle County has an area of 1135 square miles. In Illinois, only McLean County is larger with 1184 square miles. LaSalle County's population is the 16 largest among the 102 counties in Illinois.There are 370.33 miles of county highway In LaSalle County. Only Cook County has more. There are 81 major structures on the LaSalle County highway system, the 6th largest in Illlinois. LaSalle Counties 37 townships are the most in the state.

Duties and Responsibilities
The LaSalle County Highway Department is responsible for the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of 371 miles of county highways, 79 major bridges and numerous drainage structures. In addition, the Highway Department provides technical assistance to all 37 Township Highway Commissioners and is the lead agency for township projects constructed or maintained with Motor Fuel Tax funding.

The staff also works closely with local citizens and agencies, as well as with the Federal Highway Administration, the Illinois Department of Transportation, and the various municipalities throughout the county.

Highway Committee
The Committee investigates and reports on all matters concerning highways or the operation of the Highway Department. Prepares and recommends a long range and one year plan for improvement of the County Highway System, and supervises the expenditure of County Highway Funds. For more information on the Highway Committee

Source and Use of Funds
There are four main sources of funding used to finance the programs and activities of the Highway Department. They are federal funds, state funds, county property tax, and reimbursements from other taxing bodies such as townships and municipalities. Detailed outline of funding


Lawrence J. Kinzer
PE, PLS, County Engineer

2019 Improvement Plans

2016-2021 Improvement Plan

2018 Annual Report




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